Thursday, July 19, 2007

My work update...

Wednesday, I had a manager's meeting at our administrative office. I smoked one cigarette that morning - first one in almost a week, and I haven't smoked another one since then. The meeting was actually productive. We broke down into small groups and discussed innovative ways to bring customers in the doors. I think we've got some good ideas!

One of my employees is still not talking to me.  Today was a little better than the last few days, but not perfect.  I don't much care - I am not there to make friends right now.  I have friends at work - though not many in my store right now.  I am trying to implement some new ideas and getting much resistance.

Also, my stress at work lately surrounds the whole idea of customer service.  I think it's like the old adage about pornography - I can't define it, but I know it when I see it.  I try to teach my team what constitutes good and bad customer service, but it's hard.  I am starting to believe that it's something that is natural - you either have it or you don't.  

Anyway, after trying to teach my staff about this for the last month, I screwed up today.  I had a customer who wanted to speak with me and I told her I was closing tonight.  I didn't realize that Dave was working today, and I was actually off work early.  Well, that was a few days ago, and I had long since forgotten that she was coming in tonight, expecting me to be there.  She arrived at 6:30 and Dave told her that I had gone home for the day.  She was upset because she expected me to be there.  I apologized, via Dave.  I explained that I was confused about the days, and that I thought it was last night.  Dave smoothed things over with her, and she ended up buying the film camera that I talked to her about.  I feel terrible for not keeping my word and not being there when she arrived.  I also feel like a dumbsh*t in front of the same employees that I have been trying to teach customer service to.  

Oh well - I guess everyone makes mistakes.  I will probably write the woman a very sincere e-mail on Monday and ask for her understanding.  Thank goodness I am off work the next three days!  I really need it!!!

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