Sunday, March 28, 2010

Abigail said...

Abigail said, "You and my poops are the same, but my poops are brown."

I think my daughter called me a pile of shit.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Conversation with Abigail...

Abby: "My butt hurts..."

Me: "Why does your butt hurt?"

Abby: "Because I poked my eye..."

This is a true conversation - I can't make this stuff up!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March updates

It is so horrible that I only seem to log in here and post once per month, and each time I do post here, I vow to update this more often. Fail, Heather!

February was a busy month for us - with Abby's preschool and dance classes, and also having to renew our license plates, and two huge car repairs. Plus, Mike's birthday was also last month - happy belated birthday, babe!

Now, it's already halfway through the month of March, and we are finally enjoying some nicer weather. This week, we've been playing outside and hitting the park. The kids are enjoying it and so am I. Abby spent yesterday splashing in puddles, and the day before jumping on a trampoline.

Olivia has become much more efficient at crawling, and has her own definite ideas and opinions about what she wants and is learning how to replicate paths to the cat food, power cords, computer buttons and cabinets. She needs to spend this time on the floor, but it is exhausting for me to try to keep her in one area! She has also started pulling herself up to a standing position, too. That seems too fast! She hasn't been truly crawling that long, and BAM - she's already trying to stand! Oh my!

We have scheduled some landscaping to be done to the yard, in hopes of providing more play area for the kids and the dog, and also to prevent water from gathering in our backyard. I am really looking forward to having a usable play space for the kids, and even considering some cosmetic improvements to add curb appeal to the front of the house, too. I am inspired! :)

Below is a slideshow of our recent outings - enjoy! :)