Sunday, June 26, 2011

Staycation is over

On Tuesday, we went to the City Museum with the girls, and we all had a great time. The girls were running and climbing and sliding all over the place.

We spent most of our time in Toddler Town, because it was more contained. There was a ball pit and a few slides - enough to keep the girls busy.

We also spent some time in the Art Center - painting. We stopped by the Skate Park, too. The girls were tuckered out, and Livi took a great nap that day.

Wednesday, we took the girls to a few parks to play in the morning, meeting up with Trish and Jase and Gabby.

By the afternoon, Abigail had come down with a stomach bug, and it kept us homebound for the rest of the week. We had great plans to do more fun stuff with the girls, including the spa day for Abigail and me, but we postponed all of it and spent a lot of time watching movies with Abby.

Friday evening, Mike and I went out to Joannie's for pizza, and then found ourselves at the International Tap House. We had a great time and the weather was wonderful!

Yesterday was Pam's wedding. Abigail's stomach wasn't fully recovered, so I stayed home with the girls while Mike went to the ceremony. My mom stayed with the girls while we went to the reception last night - that was a lot of fun. Pam was a beautiful bride, and I can't wait to see her pictures! I only took my point-and-shoot camera, and didn't take very many pictures with it. It felt really nice to be a guest at a wedding for a change!

Today is the last day of Mike's time off, and we're going to have dinner with friends that we haven't seen in a long time. I am not ready for Mike to go back to work tomorrow, but all good things must come to an end. He starts his new job tomorrow, and I am very excited for him - he's waited a long time for this!

Good luck tomorrow, Babe! I love you!

Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Staycation

We are enjoying our stay-cation this week! We spent last weekend visiting with Holly and Gary and the boys, and Danielle and Steve and Shelby. It was a very nice weekend with friends and family.

Yesterday was Father's Day, and we all celebrated with ice cream at Ginny's after dinner. Yum! The girls made quite the mess with their cherry sundaes - their choice! Abigail finished her sundae and moved right on to my Oreo concrete!

Today, we took the girls to the pool, and they wore us out. It seemed backwards - I thought it was supposed to wear them out - that they were supposed to come home and nap. Boy, was I mistaken!

Now, we're getting ready for our evening out. I am taking Olive to dinner with family, while Mike and the girls are heading out for a 5:30 dinner reservation (at Chick Fil-A!). Should be lots of fun!

I have to get us all ready now - we're going to get some pictures of this before we head out the door!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to my Dad - and the 1982 World Series!

This Father's Day, I decided to share my favorite story, as told by my Dad. Please enjoy! It was Game 7, of the 1982 World Series. Dad and his brothers had gone to see the game. They were seated in the upper level. During the 6th inning, my dad and his brothers began discussing how to get closer to the field, in hopes of the Cards win. They all walked down to the railing, at the lowest part of their level, and Dad turned to his brother, Donny, saying, "Hold my beer." And over the railing he went! He turned back to Donny, with his hands held out in front of him, "drop my beer!" - and he did. One by one, his brothers did the same thing, and they moved down to the railing of that section. They did the same thing again, until they were finally down to the front row of seats. Dad, a friendly and outgoing person who was loved by all, approached an older man sitting in the front row, watching the 8th inning. "Excuse me, are you going?" The older man looked at my dad, and said, "Going where?" Dad said, "On the field...when we win, are you going?" The guy smiled, and said, "No, I am not going out there." "Can I have your seat?" Dad replied. I don't know how, but Dad talked this guy out of his seat, at Game 7, during the 8th inning. Dad watched, as Bruce Sutter pitched the 9th inning. He watched the first two strikes of the final out, but as Sutter pitched the final strike of the final out, Dad went over the wall. He never saw the strike called. He was already on the field, running directly to Sutter. In the video, you see Sutter pitch, and all of the Cards players rush to Sutter - and the whole group of them are celebrating and jumping up and down. In that scene, my Dad runs into the group of the Cardinals players - the only one not wearing a jersey - and join in the celebration. The camera cuts away before Dad made it to Sutter, and when he did, he grabbed his hat (and, according to Dad, a healthy handful of Sutter's hair). As he turned to run with his souvenir, a cop finally caught up with him, and knocked him out with his night stick. Dad said that cop hit him, and he saw his feet fly out in front of him before he hit the ground. When he came to, the hat was gone. Poor Dad (and poor Sutter, who had less hair than what he started the game with)! I have tried a hundred times to find this video online, so that I could post it to Facebook - but I have had no success. Anyway, this is my tribute to my Dad, on Father's Day. I love you and miss you, Dad!