Thursday, September 16, 2010

Williams family weekend

This past weekend, the Williams family met at a campground for good times, and we were not disappointed!  On Friday night, we swapped stories of soggy camping trips gone-by, while trying to stay out of the mud.  We stayed up late, and met the rain on our way to bed. 

Saturday morning breakfast was biscuits and sausage, with mom's gravy!  Life doesn't get better than that!  After cleanup, mom took the kids to the playground, while many waited to find out their float-fate.  A few hours later, it was announced that the waters were too high for floating, so we cooked lunch and started playing beer pong.

The day lazed along, and we all cooked, ate, and cleaned up dinner.  Then, Holly brought out a cookie cake, decorated with "Good Luck, James" in orange icing. There were horseshoes and washers, and more beer pong.

Then, Gary, Sam and Mason serenaded us with music old and new. We laughed and sang all the words we knew.

We found some nearby campers from Ste. Genevieve, where our family is from, and drank a beer with them too.

There was also a wedding reception in the campground that night, and from what I hear, that was a good time, too!

Sunday morning was all business, as one-by-one each tent was folded, campers were hitched, and family members left for home.  We missed all of the absentees, and hope to have an even better turnout next year!  We've decided to do this again next summer, and not wait another 5 years!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Abby and Gramma

On Friday, mom and i took the girls to see Gramma.  Abigail was very friendly, and talkative, even singing songs to Gramma.  The song she chose to sing to Gramma was the Bushel-and-a-peck song that she learned from her Great Grandpa. Olivia was also friendly, and her giggles made Gramma laugh.  I spent a short time reading to her, out of her brother's book.

After we left Gramma's, mom took us out to lunch.  Olivia figured out quickly that her high chair was on wheels, and she was mobile.  She would push herself away from the table and then kick and flail to try to move forward.  She eventually tired of that game.