Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My first (and second) day of work...

So, yesterday I started Evolutions - and I am having a great time! I have been reading some books written to salon managers - and after that, I ate lunch - which one employee was kind enough to bring in homemade lasagna - and then I had a pedicure. Apparently, the newer stylists needed some practice, and I ended up being a guinea pig - this job will definitely have some perks.

Today I received a shipment of product and checked it in, priced it, put it away. I feel good to be useful - it sucks being new and feeling helpless.

Our computer software is so much easier than either ASA (CCC) or CMS (Clarkson), that I have been teaching myself how to do the things like receive product or run reports. I am eager to hit the ground running.

I will post more later.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Michele's wedding

Michele and Mike were married on Saturday, Oct. 25th. They had beautiful weather - sunny and 62 degrees. The ceremony was at the Jewel Box in Forest Park. The ceremony was beautiful and wonderfully smooth. Abby did not walk down the aisle - I carried her. She was a gorgeous flower girl - though uncooperative at best.

We left the Jewel Box and rode around on a party bus stopping to take pictures at the Muny, the Grand Basin, the Arch, the Stadium, and Kiener Plaza. I can't wait to see the pictures - there are a LOT of them!

The reception was at the Franklin Room - in Soulard. The Franklin Room had hardwood floors and high ceilings. Elvis made a guest appearance - and he sang for us. The food was excellent!

I didn't even take a camera with me - I didn't feel like myself all day - I hope to post some pictures but I will have to rely on other people to get them to me. Congratulations Michele and Mike!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My new job

So, tomorrow I start my new job - for those who don't know - I have quit Clarkson Eyecare. Last Friday was my last day there, and I will miss my coworkers there.

Tomorrow, I start working for Evolutions - a day spa. I am looking forward to my new position - as a performance coach. I will be challenged, that's for sure. I already have many ideas about what needs to be done, and how to do it. I can't wait to get through training and start being a part of this team. I am very excited and a little bit nervous about it.

Wish me luck!

Our new family pictures


These are the pictures that Sam took of our family. I love the way that they turned out! Thanks for checking them out.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our 7th Anniversary

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary, and we celebrated with a mini road trip. We left our house yesterday around 3:30, and we dropped Abby off with Grandma Pat. We drove to St. Charles and checked into a hotel - Town Suites by Marriott, room 101. The studio suite had a full kitchen, a queen size bed, and many other ammenities. Tracy, at the front desk, was wonderful!

We left the hotel and went to dinner at The Millhouse, in the historic district. We had an appetizer of Cajun shrimp. For dinner, Mike had a glazed beef tip meal with mushrooms, potatoes and vegetables. I had a grilled beef tip meal with vegetables - both were delectable!

We went back to our hotel, and planned our route for today. We watched Saturday Night Live and went to bed. This morning, we got up at 7 o'clock to get ready for church. We left St. Charles and drove to Hawk Point, Missouri, just outside of Troy, where the priest that married us 7 years ago is now the pastor.

St. Mary's is a very small parish - less than 200 parishoners, I would guess. The church was very cute and very old. We chatted breifly with Father Frank, and then went on our way. We stopped in Troy for breakfast at Denny's, and then we were back on the road for Augusta - the Busch Wildlife Reserve.

We drove around the Wildlife Reserve for two hours - taking pictures of the little remnants of fall color that I could find. We didn't see much wildlife, or fall color - so we left there and decided that a midday coffee would re-fuel us both.

We drove down to South County and stopped at Starbucks on Tesson Ferry. We had a quick bite to eat, and then headed over to downtown Belleville, thinking we might find some other picture opportunities there. Belleville was a bust, though, so we headed the Creve Coeur Camera in O'Fallon and met up with Allen and Laura.

Allen, Laura, Mike and I all went to Chevy's for dinner, and had a great time. We ate and laughed. I could've stayed out for another hour, but the girl was waiting on us to come home.

We are now home and Abby is in bed - both of us are exhausted! I can only imagine that we drove more than 200 miles today - but we had a lot of fun. Abby had fun, too - because she got to see all of her Grandmas this weekend - I am sure she was spoiled rotten!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's been a long time since I posted anything here -

We've had a busy two months, and it's not over yet. I have had two cousins get married, and next weekend, Mike's sister is getting married. Mike, Abby and I have all been sick, too.

We finally bought more shelves for the basement, prompted by our Hurricane Ike flooding fiasco. Almost everything in the basement is up off the floor - I think we will need one more shelf to get the job done.

I also joined team CCC and worked my first event last Thursday. I enjoyed the evening, and hope that they will keep me on for future events.

Abby is talking now - and I can understand her occasionally. Her vocabulary expands every day, and it is fascinating to watch her learn. She really enjoys playing outside, coloring, and taking care of her Ruperts. I need to capture some of this on video before she outgrows this phase and I am forced to rely on my own memory (which I don't find very reliable).

This weekend is our 7th wedding anniversary - and we are getting ready to take a mini road trip - more details to follow tomorrow. I wanted to leave here before 3 o'clock, and I haven't packed or anything, so I guess I should get started.