Saturday, July 14, 2007


Mike and I were both off work yesterday.  We had a really nice day hanging out here at home with Abby.  We cleaned a little, napped a little, cooked a little.  Abby is teething, so she's not feeling good and sometimes not acting like herself.  I feel bad for her.  She prefers to chew on my finger or her hands, but we've tried introducing teethers.  She'll use them if she has to, but it's not her first choice.

I still haven't taken portraits for her 3 month pictures, but I did take a lot of pictures yesterday.  I am hoping that something turned out good enough to print.  I probably took about 80 rapid-fire pictures of her, in under 4 minutes.  I wanted to get my lights out and do something fun.  I chose to be lazy and just spend my time holding her rather than doing a bunch of work.

We also watched my nephews for a few hours yesterday.  They love Abby!  Mason and Brandon both want to make her laugh, hold her and get her attention.  When she looks at them, they light up!  I love Mason and Brandon so much, and it makes me happy that they like Abby.  

For dinner, Mike barbecued.  We had Patti (my neighbor) over and the three of us made kabobs.  Mike splurged and bought some really awesome steak to use.  They had peppers, onions, potatoes, mushrooms (ick!!!), tomatoes and steak.  They melted in my mouth!  We've been talking about barbecuing kabobs for over a month now, and it was awesome.  We made side dishes (potatoes and salad) to go with it, and none of us touched them!

Also, Patti told me that she was accepted into the apartment that she wanted to get into.  She'll probably move on August 4th.  I am very happy for her that she's going to have somewhere to live, but I will miss her like crazy!  She's only moving about 5 minutes from here, so she's still very close.  I will miss the convenience of being able to see her anytime.

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