Thursday, August 30, 2007

This and that

I have a few things to post, but am short on time right now.  I recently ordered the hospital pictures of Abby, and have a CD of the images so I plan to post those on my page.  Also, Mike and I are taking Abby to visit his grandparents in Arkansas this weekend, so we're taking our first road trip...I am a little nervous.  I will write more when we get back.  Also, I have some other pictures to post, too.

I will try to get this all updated on Monday.  Have a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weight watchers update

I have been counting my points for two weeks now.  I am wearing a pair of pants that were too tight on me two weeks ago.  I am hoping to go down at least one more size.  I weighed myself and discovered that I lost 8 lbs.  I am so excited to know that it's working!  Fitting into the pants and actually seeing the scale reflect progress really motivates me.

I am only 3 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight!  Woo-hoo!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Abby rolled over!

Abby rolled over today!  She rolled from front to back, and back to front!  She was at Holly's for both of these events, and I couldn't get her to do it again for me.  Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Abby's 4 month appoitnment

Abby had her 4-month check up on Friday.  She weighs 15 lbs, 12.8 oz., which puts her in the 91st percentile.  She is 27.25 inches long, which puts her in the 97th percentile.  Supposedly, her head circumference is 16.25 inches, which would put her in the 61st percentile, but Mike thinks that they mismeasured that.  He might be right.

The pediatrician said that we can start her on cereal and food (which is why I am so excited about that coupon!).  We bought a box of rice cereal, and will hopefully start on that tonight.  Holly said that with her boys, she started the rice cereal first, and then about 2 weeks later, added fruit.  I figure that sounds like a reasonable plan, and so I am adopting it.

He also said that for her constipation, we can give her prune juice - which wasn't a popular idea with Abby last night- or we can give her some water.  

Lastly, she had all of her shots.  This was horrible.  She did really well for the first shot - whimpered a little, and then got over it quickly.  She was a little less forgiving of the second, crying with the third, and screaming for the fourth shot.  They tried to give her a fifth vaccine - it is an oral one, and she fought it every step of the way.  I felt so bad for her.  

We gave her some Tylenol before the shots, and she seemed to do okay after the fact.  She never really had a fever, but she did seem fussy all night on Friday, and was still fussy Saturday morning.  By last night, she seemed much better.

Target web coupon

My friend, Danielle, called me last night to tell me about this awesome coupon that she had, and let me know that she emailed it to me.  It's $1 off any two Gerber foods from Target.  The small jars of baby food are only $0.52 each, so you end up paying $0.04 for two jars of baby food.  The coupon has no limit to how many you can redeem, so Danielle bought 40 jars of baby food, and is going to visit different locations today to get a different variety.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this offer, and I plan to go buy a lot of baby food today and tomorrow.  The coupon expires Wednesday.

If anyone is interested, here is the link:

y only complaint is that I don't know where to find these coupons on my own.  I wish I knew how to find them!

Weight Watchers

The last few weeks have felt remarkably busy.  I had an employee on vacation one week, and helped out another store a different week, so I have been working a lot of hours.  In addition, Abby's schedule is changing, and we're still adapting to that.  I don't have any chance to blog or check email in the morning anymore, which is the only time I have traditionally been on my computer.

I started Weight Watchers this week.  I am inspired by my mom, who has been doing it for about 2 months, and looks great!  She's been giving me all of her clothes that she's too small for, which is great - it means I have clothes, but I am jealous that she's too small for them.  Also, my sister has started offering me her clothes that she's too small for, too.  It really motivates me.

Yesterday, Mike called me at work and told me that he found some weight watchers recipes online that he was going to make this week.  He's being very supportive, and I love him for that.  Last night we made herb chicken piccata - which was a jazzed-up lemon-pepper chicken.  It was fairly easy and fast, and something we both decided that we liked!  While Mike was making that, I steamed some broccoli and made some white rice, flavored with the leftover chicken broth that Mike was using.  

Tonight, we're probably making Irish Stew...I will let you know more about that tomorrow.