Monday, May 17, 2010

Abigail's preschool progress report

Today was Abigail's last day of preschool for this school year. Here is a picture of her with Mrs. Clouser, her teacher. I received a progress report today and wanted to share it. Following is a breakdown of categories along with Mrs. Clouser's comments:

Spiritual Development: Abby seems to enjoy "Jesus Time", she listens quietly and follows along with songs and simple prayers.

Cognitive/Language Development: Abby can also identify 12 basic shapes, a few numbers, and letters A,B,C,E,O,M. She can match all colors, shapes, numbers and letters 1-1, consistently.

Fine Motor Development: Doing great!

Gross Motor Development: We have been working with getting our feet off the floor and getting them to do what we want them to. Doing great!

Self Help: Abby seems to be very independent and takes care of most of her personal needs herself.

Social Development: Abby seems to enjoy school and fit right in with her new friends. Abby jumps right in when there is something she wants to do, but is also content to play by herself. Abby also talks and asks questions of her classmates as well as her teachers. Abby is a beautiful little girl and a joy to have in class. Have a great summer!