Sunday, January 16, 2011

Abigail and Olive

They are growing up so fast! 

Abigail is enjoying preschool!   These past few months, she has really been playing with others more and seems to be developing more social skills.  She finally enjoys being around other kids, and even plays with Olive.  We have been trying to get her to read,  and I think she can,  but she doesn't always cooperate.  She memorizes her books and recites stories to us without looking at the pages.   She has a large vocabulary,  and often surprises me with her newfound words and phrases.   She has recently told me that she misses dance class,  so we are going to find another activity for her.  She is a very lovey girl, and is happy to share hugs,  kisses, and germs!  Abigail is funny, loves to make people laugh.  She wants to play all day, and hates cleaning her room.   She loves to do crafts,  and thinks that scissors,  glue,  and tape are the recipe for fun!   She hates sleeping; she sees it as a waste of great play time!   And stubborn... I don't know where she gets that!   But,  quick to forgive,  doesn't hold grudges.   The way to her heart is through paint,  puzzles and play!

Olive is growing and changing right before my eyes.  She doesn't seem like a baby anymore.   She has her own ideas and opinions on everything, and shares them freely.   She climbs wherever she wants to be and knows no fear or limits.   She believes herself cute enough to melt trouble away with giggles and kisses.   She is still the happiest person I have ever known,  and doesn't dwell on bo-bos or hurt feelings.   Her cries are brief and never without cause.   She loves Abigail very deeply,  and stands next to her in time-out,  voluntarily.   Her latest words are Shrek, bed, outside,  brush, up,  and down.   She has a handful of words that she has been repeating lately, but I haven't figured out what they are.   I am trying to get her to say "I love you", without success.

Mike and I are very blessed to have such beautiful girls!  They definitely keep us on our toes.