Thursday, October 29, 2009

Having fun is messy business!


Today, Abigail has been painting a wonderful masterpiece (never mind that to her, that means painting her hand). She is singing and talking and painting and mixing colors. She is experimenting with her brush and watching the marks that the brushes leave behind. She has gotten more paint on her than on the paper...yes...that IS paint on her lips...

I wanted to capture a video of this - and maybe I still will - but my battery for the other camera is charging right now - so the still picture will have to do...ENJOY!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Craft time




Today, we made a mask and a sock puppet! Abby loved the process, but more than that, she loves the puppet! She has not taken it off since we finished it an hour ago! I think it turned out great...for our first attempt! I will be better prepared next time! :)
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. Eight years ago today, we vowed to spend our lives together - and had no idea what wedded bliss would follow! We have been through a lot in eight short years, and time is flying by so fast. It's hard to believe that we've gone through five job changes for me, six job changes for Mike, moving three times, our fathers' deaths, two of Mike's grandparents' deaths, two births, countless friends and relatives getting married (and some getting divorced), and five holiday seasons at CCC!

Happy anniversary, babe! I love you!






Yesterday, Mike and Abby carved our pumpkin. Abigail was fascinated by it, and happy to be involved in the project. She told Mike where to put the eyes and nose and mouth - and watched intently as he cut out each piece. She didn't want to help me pick out the seeds - she thought that it felt gross and slimy in her hands. She waited patiently for Mike to finish carving the face, and then asked if she could paint it - so we let her paint the pumpkin since she had so much fun painting her pumpkin last weekend. All in all - it was a lot of fun!
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stuckmeyer's Farm

Mike and I took Abigail to Stuckmeyer's today for some fall fun! We left Olivia with Grandma Debbie and took off for the farm! Abby was scared of the inflatables when we got there, and scared of the corn maze and dark tunnels - I thought she wasn't going to have any fun...until she found the slide. She played on the slide for quite a while, and then explored a little more. She found a playground, with the yellow tunnel - and stayed there for a bit, too. After that, we found a wagon, some pumpkins, and some lunch. After lunch, she found a sandbox with lots of toys, and she stayed there for almost an hour. We finally decided to come home - but not without buying some apple butter and pumpkin paint! When we got home, we let Abigail paint her pumpkin - and she says it is a very scary pumpkin!

All in all - we had a very nice day with Abigail. She wanted to paint the big pumpkin - but we told her that Daddy is going to decorate his pumpkin next weekend! I will post pictures of that soon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Olivia update

Olivia is 8-weeks old now - it is hard to believe that the time has gone by so quickly! She is doing really well learning to hold her head up - with looking at her daddy being the best motivation. She is social smiling now, and giggling at people when we talk to her. She is a very happy baby, and only fusses when she is hungry or needs a new diaper.

She weighs 12 lbs now - and that puts her in the 81st percentile for her age. She is also 24 inches long - putting her in the 96th percentile for height. She got her first round of shots today - three shots and one oral dose. She was quite pissed off about the whole experience and it took longer to soothe her than it did Abigail when she was the same age.

Her next doctor visit is at 4 months.

PAT - 1st visit

Abigail and Olivia and I had our first appointment with our Parents As Teachers Educator this morning. It was a lot of fun! Her name is Sarah - and Abigail really liked her!

She got here around 10:30 and she started playing with Abigail. She brought a teddy-bear puzzle that helped Abigail learn matching and social-emotional skills. The bears' faces had different expressions and Abigail was identifying their emotions very well. They read a book together and then played another matching game with colors and shapes. Sarah spent some time talking to me and answering my questions about potty-training, discipline for this age, and handling naptime/bedtime changes in Abigail.

While Abigail continued playing with Sarah's toys, Sarah tried to play with Olivia for a little while. She brought a black-and-white outline of a face, glued to a paper plate - and Olivia was very interested in it! As long as I held it up for her, she stared at it. I read a book to Olivia, and she was staring at the picture faces and bold colors on the pages. It was really neat to watch Olivia study the faces.

Sarah gave me a lot of reading material, and set up an appointment for mid-November. At the November appointment, she is going to do some screenings on both girls. In the meantime, she gave me a calendar of PAT events that we can participate in - and they seem to be exciting, too. This Friday, we're attending a gymnastics event for Abigail, and next Tuesday, there is a fall festival with crafts and prizes that we'll also attend. I am hoping that the girls enjoy the events and their time with Sarah.