Monday, June 30, 2008

30 Days.

So today is day 30. I am a happier person overall - spending more time at home makes a world of difference for me. I feel that I get to spend SO MUCH MORE time with Mike and Abby - and I wish Rio were here, too - I always wanted to spend more time with him but never had the chance.

Thinking about the last month, I feel sort of bittersweet. I miss my friends at CCC. I miss my job at CCC. I miss the responsibility and being in charge (even if it was only a mirage).

I have spent the last four weeks playing with Abby outside, cleaning my house, cooking dinner, having dinner with Mike and Abby, visiting with family on the weekends, and being a better and more-involved mom.

At this time, I feel like Clarkson Eyecare is not a long-term solution for me - which is fine with me because I am planning to have another baby sometime next year. I am enjoying my summer - and see myself staying here until after the next baby is born. We'll see. Today was sort-of rough - I was bored and crabby at work...but isn't that the way most of America feels?

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