Monday, June 30, 2008

We went camping!

I haven't posted in a while - believe it or not, my new job keeps me pretty busy! That sounds strange, I know.

This past weekend, Mike and I went to the property that my mom's family owns - and used our pop-up camper for the first time. It was really fun! We played washers and horseshoes and ate really good food. There was a big storm on Friday night that kept Mike up almost all night - I, myself, had consumed enough beer to sleep through it. It rained on us on Saturday afternoon, but it was brief, and helped to keep it cool enough outside to be comfortable.

We packed up and came home on Sunday - we were home, showered and unpacked by noon. I didn't take many pictures - I was having too much fun to stop and document the weekend.

Abby stayed with Mike's mom for the weekend, which turned out to be a good thing, because there were LOTS of ticks and chiggers at the property. Mike and I were both really lucky with the ticks - neither of us had a single one - but the chiggers on the other hand, we both have some bites. I am glad that Abby doesn't have any of this.

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