Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Packing away maternity clothes

Yesterday, I went shopping for new work clothes.  I can't wear maternity clothes forever.  I bought 4 pairs of pants, but I only like 2 of them.  I have spent my afternoon packing away my maternity clothes into different totes - sorted by season and style.  I am slowly getting my life back to normal - whatever that might be.

It's a wierd feeling to put and end to that chapter of my life.  I waited for a long time to start our family.  I remember finding out I was pregnant.  I was at work and I had a test in the desk (just in case).  I took it and it was positive.  I stood there in disbelief.  The previous night, Mike and I had talked about whether or not we were ready to try.  We'd been in the house for almost a month.  I realized that I needed to quickly get ready to face my employees, and Keith walked in.  I have never had a good poker face so I told him.  He was the first one I told.  I didn't want to tell Mike over the phone.  I stayed at work until 2 o'clock that day (which I thought was really good!).  I stopped at Walgreen's on the way home and bought another test.  I figured that I could let the test tell Mike!  

Fast forward to my first ultrasound.  What the doctor saw on the screen didn't jive with my date, so they scheduled another one.  My heart dropped to think that I could have another miscarriage.  Then the second ultrasound came and they wanted to schedule a third ultrasound.  By the time the third ultrasound came, I was confident that everything was going to be okay.

Then, we got to tell everyone!  Grandma Rhoads didn't believe us, while Grandpa Rhoads couldn't contain himself!  Debbie screamed at Red Lobster.  Pat hugged me and rubbed my belly!  It was such a happy time.

The holidays were special this year.  Mike and I made plans for next year - promising that we were going to spend time at home, with our family.  

After that, I had my two baby showers.  Holly threw one for my side of the family and Debbie threw one for her side of the family.  I couldn't believe all of the beautiful clothes we received.  I couldn't wait to dress Abigail in them!

After she was born, I was in shock.  The first week is a blur in my memory.  Running back and forth to the hospital was exhausting.  I wanted to bring her home with me so bad.  Having Mom stay here for a few days was wonderful!  She cooked and cleaned my house, and she got up with me in the middle of the night - even though I was nursing and she couldn't really help much.  

Since then, we've accomplished a lot.  Abby has been breastfeeding since we brought her home, and that was a huge challenge.  She's starting to sleep a little longer at night, which is really nice.  Last week, she started smiling!  I have been cherishing all of the time I get to spend with her.

Looking back at all of this today, while I am putting these clothes away, I am not ready for it all to be over.  It seems as though there is a strange time-warp.  The act of packing this all away makes it seem further away than it should be.  All of a sudden, 2 months feels like a long time, and it feels like it only lasted 5 minutes.  I don't know how to describe it.  


Anonymous said...

From A Friend From Opera (sugarwinx)...

Yr hubby asked me to come over, so I did! :)

Glad to read about YOUR life instead of his boring one... Hahaha!

Send my love to Abby!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather, Cool site. I was so tickled when I got Abby's pic's in the mail. She is absolutly beautiful !! Congrats to you and Mike both. I know you will both be Great parents. We love you and can't wait to see Abby and you two. Hopefully at Kevin and Becky's grad. party.Give Abby bunches of smooches for us.