Thursday, May 17, 2007

Abby is almost 6 weeks old

Abby is almost 6 weeks old already! I can't believe it. We had our first Mother's Day - which was so busy. We went to my mom's and Mike's mom's to see the extended family. We were gone all day, and I didn't see much of Abby because we were sharing her with all the family who hadn't seen her yet.

I go back to work in 2 weeks, ughh! I am going back to Creve Coeur Camera, which will definitely keep me busy. I am not looking forward to being away from Abby, but what can I say, being grown up sucks! I have so much stuff I still need to accomplish before I go back. I haven't tried on any non-maternity clothes, I haven't finished sending out thank-you cards or birth announcements, and I need to sort through Abby's clothes to separate out what doesn't fit her. In addition, I wanted to clean the office and file all of our bills and paperwork (I need a file for Abby's important documents). I also wanted to go to the doctor to see what I did to my knees - they've been hurting me since March! I am so not ready to go back to work!!!

On the bright side, Abby will be baptized in 2 weeks! I am really looking forward to that! I can't decide on a gown for her. Grandma Pat has offered to create a gown for her out of my wedding dress. I think it's a really neat idea, but am not sure I am ready to part with my dress. It's silly, because until Pat offered that, I didn't even know where my dress was. I am never going to wear it again, and Abby probably won't, either. It would be a type of heirloom for Abby, and that would be really cool. Cutting it up is just so final...

Other than that, we're doing pretty well. We generally have our routine - except last night Abby didn't go back to sleep after the 3 a.m. feeding. I have been up since then. Oh well, maybe I can get her to take a long nap this afternoon...

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