Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I can't believe it is February already! Olivia is 6 months old now - and crawling! She has spent the last month scooting and rolling and pulling herself along the floor, but the past few days she's actually pulled her knees underneath of her and used them to propel her forward. She's not proficient, and it seems accidental at best...but within the next few days, I fully expect her to get faster and be crawling down the hallway after Abigail! As it is now, if she spots something across the room that she wants, she makes a dash for it, grunting and panting along the way. It is too cute - she is working so hard and growing so fast!

Tomorrow, Abigail starts preschool! She will go from 9 to 11:30 on Wednesdays, and we're both looking forward to it! She has also been in a dance and tumbling class for a few weeks now, too - and really enjoys that. She got up from her nap yesterday and told me that she wanted to go to dance class. I am really glad that she's been enjoying that!

Olivia has also started talking - making more pronounced sounds, repeating consonant and vowel sounds over and over again (da da da da - and Mike hears "Dadda"). She is also eating solid foods now - rice cereal and fruits...she hates the veggies! She is still a very happy baby - even after getting her vaccinations yesterday. She handled the first shot like a trooper...didn't cry...but cried with the second one, and by the third shot, her head was purple and she was so mad she couldn't draw a breath! I felt so bad for her! Within 3 minutes, though, she was smiling and cooing at me again! She is such a happy baby!

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