Thursday, February 18, 2010

Abigail - February update

So Abigail finally started school yesterday. She was supposed to start last week, but the school was closed due to snow. She is going to Good Shepherd, and she seemed to really have a lot of fun. Yesterday was their Valentine's Day party, so she came home with candy and presents. The teachers gave out pencils, and she LOVED it!

Here are two pictures of her in tumbling class. She is sitting next to Maddie, who just might be her best friend! She does really well, listens to the teacher, and likes to practice when we get home. She wants to be the teacher and teach me how to do cartwheels and bridges and forward rolls. She doesn't understand that Momma is too old for that stuff!

She has been learning how to do a variety of different tumbling moves, and she's taking a dance class, too. I haven't seen the dance class yet, but she seems to really enjoy it.

We're still fighting with Abigail's sleeping habits. She has good days and bad days...but I am trying to give this some time. I know she needs to spend more energy and I am really looking forward to warmer days and spring and time outside!

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