Monday, October 5, 2009

Olivia update

Olivia is 8-weeks old now - it is hard to believe that the time has gone by so quickly! She is doing really well learning to hold her head up - with looking at her daddy being the best motivation. She is social smiling now, and giggling at people when we talk to her. She is a very happy baby, and only fusses when she is hungry or needs a new diaper.

She weighs 12 lbs now - and that puts her in the 81st percentile for her age. She is also 24 inches long - putting her in the 96th percentile for height. She got her first round of shots today - three shots and one oral dose. She was quite pissed off about the whole experience and it took longer to soothe her than it did Abigail when she was the same age.

Her next doctor visit is at 4 months.

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Cheryl said...

she's so cute! She looks and sounds fabulous. I can't believe we still haven't met her. We're going to have to get together. :)