Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stuckmeyer's Farm

Mike and I took Abigail to Stuckmeyer's today for some fall fun! We left Olivia with Grandma Debbie and took off for the farm! Abby was scared of the inflatables when we got there, and scared of the corn maze and dark tunnels - I thought she wasn't going to have any fun...until she found the slide. She played on the slide for quite a while, and then explored a little more. She found a playground, with the yellow tunnel - and stayed there for a bit, too. After that, we found a wagon, some pumpkins, and some lunch. After lunch, she found a sandbox with lots of toys, and she stayed there for almost an hour. We finally decided to come home - but not without buying some apple butter and pumpkin paint! When we got home, we let Abigail paint her pumpkin - and she says it is a very scary pumpkin!

All in all - we had a very nice day with Abigail. She wanted to paint the big pumpkin - but we told her that Daddy is going to decorate his pumpkin next weekend! I will post pictures of that soon!

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