Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Staycation

We are enjoying our stay-cation this week! We spent last weekend visiting with Holly and Gary and the boys, and Danielle and Steve and Shelby. It was a very nice weekend with friends and family.

Yesterday was Father's Day, and we all celebrated with ice cream at Ginny's after dinner. Yum! The girls made quite the mess with their cherry sundaes - their choice! Abigail finished her sundae and moved right on to my Oreo concrete!

Today, we took the girls to the pool, and they wore us out. It seemed backwards - I thought it was supposed to wear them out - that they were supposed to come home and nap. Boy, was I mistaken!

Now, we're getting ready for our evening out. I am taking Olive to dinner with family, while Mike and the girls are heading out for a 5:30 dinner reservation (at Chick Fil-A!). Should be lots of fun!

I have to get us all ready now - we're going to get some pictures of this before we head out the door!

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