Monday, March 21, 2011


We are ready for spring!  The girls are ready to play outside,  run and jump,  go to parks and feel the sunshine!   I am ready, too!   They've bounced off the walls,  beds,  floors,  and couches all winter.   They've watched tv and movies, and colored almost an entire ream of paper.   We have danced,  sang,  played games and tickles for hours on end.   It's been a long winter in this house,  complete with several rounds of runny noses, and head colds.

Now,  we have been playing outside,  and it feels great!  Duke, who spent most of the winter in his own seasonal depression,  has spent the past few days chasing his favorite Frisbee and chewing on sticks.   He has also taken notice of the squirrels in our yard,  and it seems to have stirred him up a bit!

Abigail is a bit more adventurous than she was last fall,  and will explore the yard without me,  if I don't stop her.  I have already had to holler her name as she runs around the house.   She is 3, going on 8.  She is still a very affectionate girl,  and always finds ways to surprise me.  She tries very hard to learn new words the first time she hears them.   Today,  she asked what it meant to be confident. 

Olivia is also mastering words at an astonishing pace.   She strings words together to make 3 or 4-word sentences.   She follows Abigail all over the place,  and mimics her every move.   She is the happiest person I have ever known,  and loves to make people laugh.   She is sure that she is too cute for trouble,  and will often try to melt me with giggles.

Between them,  I do have my hands full!

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