Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Thank You

I wanted to express our gratitude to everyone who helped make this Christmas special for both Abigail and Olivia. Our girls received many presents this year, and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all of our friends and family. Abigail tore through presents faster than I could keep up with, and in all of the chaos, I am not even sure who bought each present. There are a lot of clothes for them both, and toys to keep them entertained - and I want to thank each of the following: Mom, Debbie, Pat, Holly and Gary and the boys, Michele and Mike, Dave and Tracie, Pat and Vic, Sherri and Bryan, Gina and Irfan, Amanda and Andy and family, Danielle and Steve and Shelby, and Chris and Stephanie and Shelby - Thank you all so much for your gifts! There are some pictures posted on - Please feel free to check them out.

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