Sunday, July 27, 2008

This weekend...

So, Malcome Blitz didn't play Friday night like we thought. The show was cancelled, and we found out when we drove by the bar and their marquis named a different band as Friday's entertainment. About half of our crowd chose to go anyway, while Mike and I went to the City Museum. THAT WAS COOL!!! I loved climbing around on the contraption outside, and the slide was exciting. I can't wait to go back and take some kids! and my camera! I think I could get some really cool pictures of the boys at this place!

After we left the City Museum, we headed to the bar and met up with the rest of our crowd. We got there just in time to see some drunken hot chick twirling across the dance floor topless. That isn't the type of place this bar is, and she was kicked out after that song. She was part of a bachelorette party, and the party stayed, while topless dancer left.

The band didn't suck, but they weren't as good as Malcome Blitz. I was stupid, and didn't eat very much, so I ended up sick on Saturday. I was miserable until probably 4:00 or so - and regretted every beer I drank on Friday night! Well, not really, because I had a good time, I just should've eaten dinner before I went out.

Uncle Jerry was there, along with Gina and Tim, Roseanne, Tim's dad and dad's buddy, Holly and Gary, Danielle and Steve. Gina had me out on the floor dancing - a rarity, at best! (Believe me, that is better for EVERYONE)

We ended up barbecuing on Saturday. Mike barbecued rib steaks, pork steaks, brats, hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken - seeing as how Abby is only 2'4" and not really into beef or pork or chicken, I would say we completely overdid it. He totally takes after his dad.

We went to bed early last night. We were both exhausted. Today, we did laundry, grocery shopped, and ordered some shelving for our basement. I can't wait for that to come in - I have wanted to order it for a long time! I will feel so much better about the basement when we get everything organized! I don't know if we'll ever finish the basement, but to get it organized will make it feel bigger down there - and I want the pool table set up down there so bad!

Anyway, today was fairly mellow. Abby took about an hour-long bath, and then we all had cookies and milk before bed. I hope to get another video of Abby sometime this week - she's learning "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and it's really entertaining!

Also, I haven't yet taken her 15-month pictures yet, so look for those coming soon - hopefully by next weekend.

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