Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here and there

So, we're three weeks away from Abigail's party, and I am very frustrated by the whole thing. I want to have something big for her, and because I chose not to do the whole park thing (mainly because I don't trust the weather), I had to cut people off of my list. I want to invite those people to my house afterward, but now am afraid that I am going to look like it's an afterthought. I feel shitty about the whole thing, and have been in a bad mood about it all day.

In addition, I needed to get Abby's picture taken today so that I could use it as her 11-month picture in that frame that I have - and I didn't get it done. We spent most of the day switching her carseat - I have wanted to do that for almost a month - and I am glad that we have that done. But, now I need to figure out if her Easter picture, next weekend, is going to be her 11-month picture or if it is going to be her 12-month picture. I originally was going to have it be her 11-month, but since she was born on Easter last year, I thought that her Easter picture being her 1-year picture might be really special. If that's the case, I am going to have to try to get her picture taken on Wednesday, and even then, the 11-month and 12-month pictures will only be 5 days apart.

Last weekend, we had cousins from Arkansas visit us. It was really nice to spend some time with Chris, Steph and Shelby. We had a great time. We ate some really good food, slept late in the mornings, lazed around my house all day, played games, and caught up. I am hoping that we'll be able to make that a tradition, and visit with them a few times a year. It would mean a lot to Mike and me both if Abby and Shelby could be close growing up.

This week, my store is getting a facelift. I have to meet the contractors at my store Extra-Early in the morning, and it's going to make for a few long days. I won't see Abby at all tomorrow or Tuesday. I get off work early on Wednesday, and it will be hectic because I am hoping to take Abby's picture. I am closing on Thursday and off on Friday. Hopefully, Abby and I will be able to go shopping on Friday for her birthday stuff. I need to buy some decorations and non-perishable food items.

So, for the party, I am thinking about a Abby Cadabby theme (it's a character on Sesame Street, for those who don't know). I know it's corny, but why not? That or some non-character specific butterflies and flowers theme. Also, I am figuring on sandwiches and chips for the menu. I am going to ask my mom to make taco salad, and Holly to put somethng together in a crock pot for the after-the-party-party.

So, I am pretty scatter-brained right now. I have so much going on and feel like I am pulled in different directions. I am looking forward to some downtime...when will that be?

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