Saturday, January 25, 2014

Working on my house...

With buying and renovating this house, it seemed like a good time to begin blogging. 

I closed on this house on February 13th, and it was in pretty sad shape. It had been burglarized, and needed plumbing and electrical work. Thankfully, Mike has been here continuously working to get things fixed for us.

He has already put new pipes in and replaced all of the electrical wires that were damage or stolen.

He is working on installing ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms (did I mention that there is no AC?), and then he will finish putting bathrooms together.

While he is doing that, I have been pulling staples from the floor and removing the tack strips from the previous owners' carpeting. Ive also been trying to get the kitchen cleaned and moving dishes in.

We have a long way to go, but shooting to move in May. And, don't judge me, but I still havent taken "before" pictures. I think i will try to download the pictures from the real estate listing.  If I do, I will post those here the next time I am at my computer.

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