Monday, November 30, 2009

End of November

We spent the day outside - throwing the ball and sticks for Duke. He enjoyed the freedom to run without being tethered to a leash. He is responding very well to the electric fence, though we have more work to do before we can trust him to stay in our yard. When we throw sticks or his ball past the electric fence, Duke doesn't even try to chase them - Good boy, Duke!

Abby enjoyed being outside, too. She's been asking to go outside a lot lately, and I am trying very hard to oblige, if possible. I know that the number of days with beautiful weather will be limited - so I try to get her outside when I can. We spent a lot of time playing in her sandbox - she loves that! She also spent some time running from Duke - he chased her and tried to steal her sticks. She would yell, "No Duke...that's my stick." 

Olivia had a lot of fun being outside, too.  We had her swaddled and had her hat on, but after a few minutes, decided that she didn't need all that bundling.  She enjoyed the fresh air and was quite curious about everything she could see.

It was a great way to spend the morning - and when both girls were down for their naps, Mike and I got out our Christmas decorations and decorated.

We ended the evening watching Rudolph with Abigail - and I think we'll end up watching that many more times before Christmas!

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We did have a great Thanksgiving - spending Thursday with Mike's family at Pat and Vic's - the food was excellent!  Friday, we went to Holly's and helped make food there, and Saturday, did the whole routine again at Holly's - more great food!  I ate way too much - but loved every minute of it!

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