Monday, October 5, 2009

PAT - 1st visit

Abigail and Olivia and I had our first appointment with our Parents As Teachers Educator this morning. It was a lot of fun! Her name is Sarah - and Abigail really liked her!

She got here around 10:30 and she started playing with Abigail. She brought a teddy-bear puzzle that helped Abigail learn matching and social-emotional skills. The bears' faces had different expressions and Abigail was identifying their emotions very well. They read a book together and then played another matching game with colors and shapes. Sarah spent some time talking to me and answering my questions about potty-training, discipline for this age, and handling naptime/bedtime changes in Abigail.

While Abigail continued playing with Sarah's toys, Sarah tried to play with Olivia for a little while. She brought a black-and-white outline of a face, glued to a paper plate - and Olivia was very interested in it! As long as I held it up for her, she stared at it. I read a book to Olivia, and she was staring at the picture faces and bold colors on the pages. It was really neat to watch Olivia study the faces.

Sarah gave me a lot of reading material, and set up an appointment for mid-November. At the November appointment, she is going to do some screenings on both girls. In the meantime, she gave me a calendar of PAT events that we can participate in - and they seem to be exciting, too. This Friday, we're attending a gymnastics event for Abigail, and next Tuesday, there is a fall festival with crafts and prizes that we'll also attend. I am hoping that the girls enjoy the events and their time with Sarah.

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Cheryl said...

Glad you enjoyed your PAT visit and liked the educator. We love our PAT lady and the kids love it when she comes over to play.