Friday, March 6, 2009


There is a little overlap here - I posted some on MySpace this morning, but there are people who visit my blog that don't read our MySpace account.

Our work situation is all straightened out! Mike and I are both breathing easier knowing that this is over. He's still at St. Anthony's, which I am happy about, and I have been substitute teaching. This works out well for all of us, because I am only working part-time, which has allowed me to be home with Abby when she is sick and also to set up play-dates with friends. Since I am subbing at Windsor, I also get to spend more time with Mason and Brandon. When they don't have school, they come here to play with us and that make Abby very happy! She LOVES her cousins!

Also, stay tuned for the ultrasound results - next Friday afternoon!

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