Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It isn't working!

This morning, I decided to play Dad's DVD for Abigail (for those who don't know, I had a DVD made with pictures of him and songs that reminded us of him), and my DVD errorred out and wouldn't play. It played for a minute, and then froze, and I couldn't get it to go again. I paid several hundred dollars to have this DVD produced, and I am aggravated that my copy isn't working. I had copies of this DVD made for Mom, Holly, myself, and all of Dad's siblings. I wonder if anyone else's DVD's have screwed up and I don't know about it. Not to mention, that we haven't watched this DVD - ever, I think...

I am very frustrated. I know that I can get my hands on another copy of the DVD, and I am grateful for that. I wanted to show Abby all of these pictures of him and see if she recognized all of us. Oh well. Grrrr.

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