Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our trip to Arkansas...

This past weekend, Mike, Abby and I went to see family in Arkansas. These are some pictures of our weekend.

This picture is of Grandma, Aunt Susie, Cousin Chris with new baby Shelby, and Mike and Abby.

Look at that pouty face!

Sleeping baby Shelby! She's so cute! I wanted to take her home with me.

Chris and Shelby, Mike and Abby

Debbie with baby Shelby

Aunt Susie with Abby

The two new grandmas and the mixed up babies

Cousin Kelly was ruining Abby's world with that barrette!

Grandma with Shelby

Grandma and Abby having Cheerios.

Abby reading a book with cousin Kelly.

Abby loves her new Christmas present.

Cousin Stephanie with Rupert, Grandpa and Abby.

I love cousin Kelly!

Abby with her Great Grandpa

Grandma and Shelby are napping...shhhhh...

Hi Shelby Lynn!

Awww...Abby and Daddy

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Anonymous said...

Well, you have made my day. I worked until 9:10 last night and was dragging this morning. Heather, I love you girl. And, Abby is too wonderful for words. So much personality! These pics are terrific. Thank you so much for coming down to visit. Mom and I have been really teary for over a month...neither of us can talk about it....but we miss you and love you so much.