Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

It's a few days past Abigail's first Christmas, and she has yet to open the presents that Mike and I bought for her. I am not sure when she's going to open them - Mike and I are talking about waiting until her birthday for some of them. She received so many presents from her grandmas and extended family, that she has enough to keep her occupied for quite awhile! She also got a lot of clothes, which is wonderful. Mike and I have been so lucky that we haven't had to buy her any clothes yet (except one package of socks and her Halloween costume).

She was interested in the presents - ripping the bows off of everything - and intently watching me peel back the wrapping paper. She got a lot of toys that she likes - most of which make obnoxious noise.

Aside from the cold that she brought home a few days before Christmas, that Mike and I both caught - we had a very nice Christmas. Also, Abigail's two top teeth did pop out before Christmas, too - so she got her two front teeth for Christmas. Mike really enjoyed that - he sang that song to her all week leading up to Christmas, hoping that they would pop through in time.

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