Friday, June 15, 2007

Second week of work

This week was pretty stressful at work.  My boss called me on Tuesday and started talking to me about transferring me to another store.  I spent the next three days talking to my boss about different scenarios - moving me, moving my assistant manager, etc.  The problem is that while I was on maternity leave, my store was being managed by two assistant managers, and now that I am back, one of the three of us has to leave.  We can't have all three of us at one store.  It's very sad, because one of them is an extremely good salesperson, while the other is a great manager and motivator.  Either way, my store was losing out.  

It was finally resolved at 7:00 last night.  I am staying at my store, which is good for me.  I am keeping Dave - the salesperson - and Craig is going to Ladue.  I will really miss Craig.  He contributes a lot to the general morale around that store - keeping everyone laughing and having fun.  

Either way it went, I was prepared to be disappointed - there was not really a way for my store to have the best of both worlds here.  

In addition, I had purposely scheduled myself with a lot of early days this week, knowing that it would be my last week with two assistant managers to take care of closing, but only got out early one day.  Sigh.  Hopefully, I will be able to get out early tomorrow for the graduation party.

I can definitely say that I am glad this week is over!

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