Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day to Mike, and Abigail's Baptism

Today was a very special day for us!  Not only was it Mike's first Father's Day, but it was also the day we had Abigail baptized.  The ceremony was perfect.  Abigail was more startled by Fr. Goldian's voice than by the water being poured on her head.  She was awake and alert for all of it. My mother-in-law took pictures for us, while my brother-in-law used my camcorder for us.  

We had a small reception at our house after the ceremony.  We barbecued and had lots of food. There was pasta salad, potato salad, baked bean casserole and LOTS of brownies!  Yum!

The list of guests included Danielle and Steve (Abby's Godparents), my mom and gramma, Mike's mom and his grandma, Holly and Gary and the boys, Michele and Mike, Aunt Pat and Uncle Vic, and Grandma Pat.  Abigail received lots of gifts, including a child's Bible, rosary, cross for her wall, photo album, keepsake box and more.

As an added bonus, she slept all night last night!  We put her in her bed at 9:00, and she slept until 5:30 this morning!  I guess that baby girl was so exhausted from all of the attention, that she needed lots of rest!

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